Home Zone Living 18.5 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can

Home Zone Living 18.5 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can



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Kitchen trash cans don’t need to be an inconvenience at home. For that reason, we are looking to make a better waste management solution that’s best for you. The liner-free design means more capacity in a compact size. Included are two iron wire bag holders that help keep the bad in place.

To use, gently push the lid back to keep it open, lift the two iron wires up, wrap the bag around both sides, and place back in place. To help protect the bin from accidental bag leakage, there’s a removable panel located at the bottom inside the bin. What’s more, located underneath the trash can is a non-skid base with rubber feet that will help keep your kitchen floor free from scuffs and scratches.

Additionally, the slow close lid allows for silent operation that’s easy on the ears. Overall, this trash bin is a welcoming introduction to help promote a lifestyle of living made easy.


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